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Managing HBAs on Unix

Managing HBAs on Unix Hosts How to get information about installed HBA on different Unix OS. AIX To display which HBAs are installed * lscfg    * lscfg -v -l fcs*  To discover DellEMC SAN disks on the AIX * run /usr/lpp/Symmetrix/bin/emc_cfgmgr (symmetrix) or * run /usr/lpp/emc/CLARiiON/bin/emc_cfgmgr (clariion)  HPUX To...

Shutdown/Restart different flavors of UNIX

HP-UX System Shutdown/Restart To shut down and halt using HP-UX commands when HP VUE is running, you must first stop HP VUE and then shut the system down. * From the login window, choose No Windows and log in as root. * At...

Working with Compressed Files

1. bzip2 This is one of the newer formats available, and my format of choice, owning to its superior compression ratio, its based on the "Burrows-Wheeler Transform", and a achieves one of the best lossless compression ratios available...


Traditional, Converged and hyper-converged Infrastructure

There are three ways to build an IT Infrastructure environment: 1. Traditional Infrastructure:  Do-it-yourself The traditional data center, also known as a “siloed” data center, relies heavily on hardware and...

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